Saturday, October 15, 2011


To celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival of 2011 Rabbit Year, Alfred Dunhill has launched a series of gifts which are inspired from the Rabbit. This series of works are composed by the classic Dunhill offerings including cufflinks, key chains, mobile phone strap and tie. These articles are all the fusions of rabbit's alertness and wisdom which symbolizes the personality of the people who are born in the Rabbit Years. The Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac is always admired and trusted by people. And in many other nations' cultures, rabbits are considered to be the animal which can always bring the good luck.

These Dunhill designs like the rabbit-shaped sterling silver cufflinks, mobile phone hanging ornament and key ring are all created into the three-dimensional shapes, and are hand-made and polished to highlight the highest manufacturing process. Each work is an ideal gift for those who have Rabbit individuality.

The Rabbit tie is printed with the repeat pattern design. In the masculine blue and gray silks, the running-rabbits are lively and vivid. Like all other Dunhill ties, this tie is also hand-made. The entire section completes with a piece of silk, while the lining is applied by the wool fabric. Simple design style is quite classic and elegant.

People born in Rabbit years are always considered to be quite expressive, gifted and ambitious. They are also kind-hearted, conservative and good wits and rarely lost their tempers. Dutiful and industrious are also their nice characters. And there qualities can all be found in the fashion offerings of Alfred Dunhill for the 2011 Rabbit year.